3528 Package, White

Toyoda Gosei's GaN LED chips combinded with Sanken's chip packaging technology and the phosphor know-how of both companies result in exceptionally robust LEDs well suited for demanding applications like marine, aerospace and defense.

Operating Temp. Range

-50° ~ +85°C
Lifetime @ Tj = 97°C
(Ta = 70°C; IF = 60mA;
Θj-a = 155K/W)

95 000h
31 000h
Max. Forward Current IFmax

Specification Current IFspec

Forward Voltage VF

2.75 ~ 2.95V

Ra >80
Typ. Luminous Flux
3000K 22.3lm
4000K 24.0lm
5000K 24.6lm
6500K 23.8lm

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